500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()

The easiest way for me to move benchmarking results from my Minix3 vm in qemu to my ubuntu localhost is via ftp. Today, I was unable to log in as myself. This appears to be a new security feature. I found a temporary way around this seeing as though I will be uninstalling sftpd once I am done with Minix, or at least disabling it..

I chmod a-w’d my /home/user, effectively stripping user’s of any ability to modify this directory’s contents. Then

sudo mkdir /home/user/ftp sudo chown -Rv user /home/user/ftp

I also forgot to toggle passive mode once logged in, which tripped me up for a bit!



removing permissions from my home directory took away my ability to log in after shutting down my computer. I ended up having to create a new admin account and chmodding back my home so that I could log in. I suppose I’ll have to find a better way to ftp stuff over…or never shutdown my computer again.


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